On 11/5/2022, a committee consisting of those attached between Ministry of Health and Syndicate of Kurdistan Pharmacists have hold a meeting in the office of the ministry. Many important decisions were made for the benefit of the pharmacists in general and especially the unemployed pharmacists were made that will be applied soon.
It is also to mention that the pharmacists beside the humanitarian responsibility that they have to serve medical care services to the patient and people, but like any other person, is deprived from many law and civic rights. That’s why the Syndicate accounts itself as a protector of the rights of the pharmacists, and takes all civic ways to solve their problems.
– The members of the committee:
1. Dr. Sarhang Jalal, General Director of Planning Departmeng of Ministry of Health, Head of the committee
2. Dr. Kawa Xalil, General Director of Health Issues of Ministry of Health, Member
3. Dr. Barif Zahir, Head of Syndicate of Kurdistan Pharmacists, Member
4. Dr. Adnan Burhan, Vice of Head of Syndicate of Kurdistan Pharmacists, Member
5. Dr. Sarmad Amjad, Director of Importing and Distributing Medicines of Ministry of Health, Member
6. Dr. Mamand Rashid, Member of the Council of Syndicate of Kurdistan Pharmacists, Member
7. Dr. Diyar Saadi, Director of Health Treatment Services, Member
8. Ms. Begard Muhammad, Law Expert, Member
9. Ms. Shilan Hassan, Secretary of the committee