On Sunday, 11/10/2020, as the Erbil Branch of the Syndicate of Kurdistan Pharmacists, the Head of the Erbil Branch of the Syndicate, with the members of administration staff and managing staff of the Syndicate, for the purpose of appreciation of our deceased colleague, the old familiar pharmacist in Erbil, “Dr. Nizar Shakir Al-Qadhi”, and respecting all the efforts that he made during his age, for the purpose of serving people in Erbil in the highest scientific and professional way, we visited “Erbil Pharmacy”, for the purpose of showing appreciation and putting flowers of appreciation in the pharmacy, in which we have been welcomed by the family of the deceased.

Everyone wished that may god may Allah have mercy on him and may he left his long life for his family.

The deceased “Dr. Nizar Shakir Al-Qadhi”, has died in 25th August 2020, by the Corona virus.