The delegation of the Council of Syndicate of Kurdistan Pharmacists, headed by the Head of the Syndicate of the Region, pharmacist Dr. Barif Zahir Rashid, and members of the Council of the Syndicate, pharmacist Dr. Mamand Rashid Mamand and phrmacist Dr. Hassan Ramadan Nasser, visited. They were received by the Head of the Syndicate of Iraqi Pharmacists, Dr. Mustafa Al-Hiti, and the Syndicate Council on Monday, 30/5/2022.
Where a meeting was held under the chairmanship of the Head of Syndicate of Iraqi Pharmacists and in the presence of the First Deputy, pharmacist Dr. Salam Jassim, pharmacist Dr. Manal Muhammed, pharmacist Dr. Kadhim Ali Kadhim, pharmacist Dr. Mamduh Khalil Ibrahim, pharmacist Dr. Muthanna Saadi Farhan, pharmacist Dr. Samir Munaam and pharmacist Dr. Mahmud Shakir, and a lot of important and related topics were discussed under the slogan (Uniting efforts to develop the pharmacist and the pharmacy profession), with regard to the status of the pharmacy profession at the level of Iraq and ways to develop it and to find one common work mechanisms to unify visions and Syndicate work and towards the commitment to all Syndicate and professional laws that must be applied at the level of Iraq.
The attendees also ensured the need to hold frequent meetings on the development of joint professional work by encouraging pharmacists who are affiliated to enter professional courses to raise the level of professional culture for pharmacists. They also discussed seeking to issue unified Syndicate instructions, especially in the matter of applying the provisions of practicing the profession correctly, especially following up on the presence and management of pharmacists in the pharmaceutical shops and by taking advantage of the inspection project that was implemented in the Pharmacists Syndicate / General Headquarters, which contributes to significantly reducing intruders in the profession and dealing with bad and individual cases that clearly harm the professional work of the pharmacist, as well as communicating with the relevant authorities, including the Ministry of Health, about mechanisms for implementing the laws of advancing pharmacist career and the inclusion of medical and health professionals and training mechanisms for new pharmacists, according to what is applied within the law, and the trend towards developing professional work and concepts of care and pharmaceutical services, especially in the issue of health insurance, which is hoped to be implemented in the coming days.
At the end of the meeting, it was agreed to hold a joint scientific conference for the two Syndicates on 25th September to be held in Erbil Governorate, the capital of the region, which coincides with the International Pharmacists Day and with wide participation. And joint papers will be prepared regarding the topics that will be covered in the conference that will have benefit for the member of both The General Headquarters of Syndicate of Iraqi Pharmacists and the Syndicate of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, and there will be meetings during the coming period to develop the program of the conference programs and in a manner that contributes to its success, God willing, in the service of the profession and colleagues in the pharmaceutical family.